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Communication & Security Solutions Inc. provides many companies with proven Valcom solutions. We have included a few of these companies Alcan Packaging, A&P, Food Basic’s, Dominion, City Hall of Barrie & City of Toronto (Water Filtration). Chris Francis (Partner) believes every business needs a system that instantly notifies personnel of an emergency situation. People need to clearly hear and understand directions that will guide them to safety. Bells, whistles and sirens may not be enough!

Alert & Evacuation Tones
Integrated emergency tones over your paging system are the most effective way to provide instantaneous advisement of fires, tornadoes, chemical leaks, etc. Assign distinctive tones to specific situations or levels of danger, to provide an efficient and cost effective way to protect your most valuable assets – your skilled work force.

Digital Voice Announcers
Emergency pre-recorded announcements can easily be activated through any phone system as well as a Health and Safety representatives location using a button.

All Call Emergency Paging
Simultaneously broadcast live announcements through all speakers in the system.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)
Extend paging signal or telephone and intercom conversations over LAN or WAN to connect remote buildings and complexes.

Battery Back-Up
Continue to page during a power failure. This important/cost effective option allows you to communicate with employees even while power is out.

Employee Alarm Systems
All call paging and priority system paging access for emergency message distribution provides the needed functionality to alert employees during workplace or natural disasters.

Multiple Building Paging (Over Existing Premise Wiring)
Network Multiple buildings together to create one system for facility wide voice notification. Valcom paging systems can be networked using spare phone wiring already installed or may be linked through any customer LAN or WAN data network to provide connectivity without having to trench or install new cabling

Visual Messaging
Meets the needs of the hearing impaired for public communications as required by the ADA.

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