Why Valcom

As the largest provider of telephone integrated paging systems in the world, Valcom is the standard product offering for major telephone companies and overwhelming choice of the Fortune 500 companies. For over 30 years Valcom has provided the highest quality loudspeaker paging and telecommunication system enhancement product throughout the world.

Valcom paging saves lives, prevents injury, & promotes health & safety awareness. This system saves time, money, and orders.

  • Paging is the ONLY way to provide instant and concise direction for emergencies/disasters & how to evacuate quickly
  • Finds people fast when not at their desk
  • Reduce expensive long distance call-backs
  • Donít miss calls after the switchboard is closed
  • Background music reduces stress and improves productivity
  • Announce in-store sales specials
  • Provide pre-recorded messages during caller hold time
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Why Valcom
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